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About Us

About Us

BiFlow Medical was founded in 2010. It operates within the framework of the NGT Technological Incubator. The BiFlow Medical team combines experienced business leadership and extensive medical know-how.


Haim Ackerman, Co-founder and member of BOD

Over 10 years’ experience in top managerial positions in the high-tech and medical device industries. Former CEO of two medical device start-ups, Sphinx-Tech Ltd. and RealView Medical. Prior to that served as VP Special Projects at Given Imaging (Nasdaq: GIVN).


Dr. Alexander Belenky, M.D SAB member

Considered one of Israel’s experts in peripheral endovascular interventions. Worked extensively with leading medical device companies in this arena. Head, Invasive Endovascular Radiology Department, Beilinson Hospital.


Dr. Dan Orron, MD SAB member

Interventional radiologist, Superior Imaging Specialists, Marquette General Hospital (Marquette, Michigan). Former head, Angiography and Interventional Radiology Department, Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center.

Dr. Leonid Monassevitch SAB member

Founder and CSO of NiTi Surgical Solutions Ltd. Former senior researcher, Siberian Institute of Physics and Technology, Tomsk, Russia; deputy director, MIC Enterprise, an established manufacturer of raw material nickel-titanium alloys and shape memory medical devices. Doctoral thesis: “Crystallography and thermodynamics of martensitic transformation in alloys based on nickel-titanium.”